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Welcome to my journey in Central Asia, where my passion to make a difference is fueled by a desire to uplift those in need.


In orphanages and slums, I'm driven by compassion to support the most vulnerable among us. Whether it's offering practical assistance or simply sharing encouragement, my goal is to show these children that they are valued and cared for.


As I navigate through areas facing challenges like red light districts and brothels, I bring with me a spirit of empathy and understanding. My aim is to provide a listening ear and extend a helping hand to those in difficult circumstances. Through both practical aid and emotional support, I strive to bring a sense of hope and comfort to these communities.


And in my interactions with transgender individuals, I'm committed to treating each person with dignity and respect. Embracing the diversity of humanity, I seek to foster connections and provide assistance where needed, reflecting the principles of acceptance and kindness.


Join me in this journey of compassion and service, as we work together to bring positive change to the lives of those in Central Asia. Welcome to my mission in India.

Indian Architecture
night life
Chicken Biryani

How To Pray:

  • Increased sensitivity to the voice of God for our partners on the ground

  • Spirit-led flexibility and adaptability no matter what happens along the way

  • Spiritual strength and protection for myself and our Indian partners 

  • Increased cultural competency and education 

  • Fundraising and support to continue this work

  • Land and water access for our partners to expand their reach for the gospel

Video Testimonies

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