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Light of Love

Founded in 2017 by Faith Casey, Light of Love is here to brighten the world with a dash of Jesus' love. We're not your typical non-profit—our mission is to tackle the complexities of the sex industry with a big dose of compassion and a lot of heart.


As a team with personal experiences in the industry, we get it. We've seen the tough stuff, but we're not letting it bring us down. Instead, we're on a mission to sprinkle some love and joy into the lives of those still caught up in the hustle.


We offer resources, mentorship, and support to help those in need find their way to brighter days. From sharing stories to lending a helping hand, our crew of staff and volunteers are all about spreading joy and showing that there's hope and happiness beyond the challenges. So, come join us in lighting up lives, one smile at a time!


What We Do...

Light of Love is committed to embodying the transformative power of God's love within the commercial sex industry. Through proactive industry outreach, nurturing ongoing relationships, and facilitating engaging Bible studies, we strive to be catalysts for reconciliation between this industry and the wider Church community.


Our vision is clear: we aspire for every individual within the commercial sex industry to encounter the profound love of God and to discover their inherent identity and purpose. At Light of Love, we endeavor to tangibly demonstrate and passionately proclaim the incarnate love of Jesus Christ.


We understand the heartbreaking reality of human trafficking, particularly in Washington State, where it ranks 13th in the nation for active cases in federal courts. At Light of Love, we share in the Father's compassion for those ensnared by the streets and the perils of prostitution. Our mission is to extend a helping hand, providing pathways to freedom and victory for present and future generations.


We are committed to amplifying the voices of the silenced and empowering them to reclaim their stories. Through our unwavering support and non-judgmental relationships, we walk alongside individuals, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their lives right where they are, fostering healing and restoration of broken relationships with God.


Together, we strive to be a beacon of hope, advocating for justice, empowering the marginalized, and ultimately bringing light into the darkest corners of society. Join us as we stand as champions of love, resilience, and transformation.

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